Product Launch & Growth

How To Rank Any Product On Amazon

A strategic growth and ranking campaign is the secret weapon for savvy sellers whether they are launching or ramping up any product on Amazon.

Every seller competes for their share of that magical organic traffic that Amazon attracts each month. At the start of 2017, there are an estimated 5.7 million visitors PER DAY shopping on Amazon. Regardless of your product or category, there are generally huge gains to be made when you are able to improve where you rank for your relevant keywords.

We aren’t talking about BSR (Best Seller Rank) here. BSR is simply a result of sales, compared to others products in your category, over a period of time.

We are talking about where you rank for each keyword phrase that is relevant to your product. Virtually every visitor starts on Amazon by searching for something, either in a few simple words or a relevant phrase. When a customer types in a search term looking for a specific product, Amazon returns the most relevant and highest performing listings with the goal of converting a sale. If you can strategically improve where you show up for any given search term, your listing will consistently be seen by more shoppers.

Two of the most influential factors in where Amazon ranks your product for that search term are:

  1. How many sales you are actually making every day, week and month
  2. What your conversion rate is (how many visitors vs. how many buyers)

Underneath both of these two points are tons of influencing factors including how well your listings are optimized, the quality and creativity of your photos, price, reviews and the quality of your product.

I ran a campaign with MarketHustl when I launched my first product. I had only sold 18 units total before that point. I took their team’s recommendations and after a campaign of a few hundred units, I sold almost two a thousand units that month. I even doubled my price and sales kept coming in.

~ Jeremy, New Zealand

Promotional Campaigns For Product Launches & Accelerated Growth

What our team does at MarketHustl is we create a customized, strategic marketing campaign for your product that we promote to our massive group of members at huge discounts in order to create a sales history and improve your rank for a given keyword phrase.

This puts you in front of significantly more potential buyers and paves the way for full-priced organic sales.

How do we do that?

We use a proprietary strategy that evaluates your listing and the listings of your competition, looking at how well your listing is optimized, all of the sales numbers and keyword search volume. We then create a campaign that distributes a certain number of products over a certain number of days to help you blow past your competition.

When done correctly, it works virtually every time.

Want to get in front of more organic traffic? It’s time you put the experts at MarketHustl to work for you. It doesn’t matter if you are just launching, under-performing or have steady sales…if there are keywords that you could improve your ranking, then it’s time to get started.

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