Complete Ad Management for Serious Amazon Sellers

Amazon's ad revenue totaled $2.8B in 2017 and is on track to hit $4.5B in 2018. The competition is fierce. If your Amazon ads aren't fully optimized and you aren't following leading-edge strategies, you're leaving profits on the table... period.

Why MarketHustl? 

Combined, our team has nearly as many years Amazon experience as Amazon has been in existence. We are Amazon customers, Amazon sellers, Amazon teachers, Marketers, Copywriters & Strategists.  

We have helped thousands of Amazon Sellers build their businesses over the last 4 years creating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

The question we've received more than any other is this...when are we going to offer PPC Management Services.  

We knew this was the next logical step for us as an agency but we wanted to do it right.  

Quietly, we started building the team and the systems and we are excited to roll this service out to a select number of clients in Q4 2018.  

The TEAM we have assembled is pretty special. Over the last 3 years, they have managed over $9M in ad spend which generated over $39M in revenue across 35 product categories and thousands of products.  

So whether you are just launching your first product or you have thousands of sku's in your store...we've got you covered.  

"One of the most common misconceptions is that Amazon Advertising is something you can 'Set and Forget.' It's simply not true. In order to stay competitive, maximize profits and reduce waste...your ad account needs ongoing, strategic attention."  

-Gennaro Calabrese, PPC Director -

Thought Leadership & Proven Strategies To Maximize Profits From Ad Budgets Of Any Size

All of our Amazon ad management clients enjoy the full scope of our expertise and services

Deep Keyword Analysis

  • Proprietory keyword discovery and selection software
  • Analyze existing keywords or build out targeted lists for new sellers
  • Internal systems for analyzing relevancy, volume & value  


Intelligent Campaign Structure

  • Structuring campaigns to continually harvest new, profitable keyword phrases is a key strategy for growth and profitability




Multiple Proven Campaign Strategies

  • Based on your business goals and budget, we have a variety of successful campaign strategies
  • Whether your goal is to maximize growth, profit, rank certain keywords or maintain a specific ACOS...we have internal systems and strategies to move towards your vision  

Ongoing Monitoring For Maximum Returns

  • Amazon advertising is far from a 'set it and forget it' system. 
  • Ongoing strategic bid adjustments, negative keywords and campaign restructuring are all part of our ongoing account management.  

Ongoing Optimizaton

  • When our data shows you should make adjustments to your listing to improve results, we make sure you have the information needed to take the right actions


Insight Based Reporting

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reporting
  • Continual review to make sure we are tracking towards quarterly and annual goals

Expert Knowledge

  • Our team of PPC experts stays on top of Amazon updates, best practices and any changes they see within the A9 algorithm, so you can trust you have the most relevant information necessary to help guide your ad spend

No Long-Term Contracts

  • If we aren't getting you the results you want, you shouldn't be paying us
  • Simple, month to month relationships makes everyone accountable  


"I have a background in digital advertising & paid search so I've mostly managed my own Amazon ads. I've gotten super busy and I decided it was time to outsource my PPC. Even though my ACoS has been decent, MarketHustl identified some awesome opportunities and optimizations within my account after just the initial review and onboarding process! I'm super excited about having them manage my ad account."  

-Jon Tilley, Private Label Amazon Seller and CEO of ZonGuru

Pricing Tiers

Monthly pricing varies based on your monthly ad-spend. To determine the correct pricing tier, please refer to your average ad-spend during the previous 6-month period. If you are brand new to Amazon Sponsored Ads, please choose Tier 1. You will charged fr onboarding upon sign up.  

Monthly Ad Spend


Monthly Retainer

$1 - $4,999 / month



$5,000 - $9,999 / month



$10,000 - $14,999 / month



$15,000 - $19,999 / month



$20,000 - $29,999 / month



$30,000 - $50,000 / month



$50,000 / month +

Custom Pricing

Amazon PPC FAQs

What types of businesses have you been most successful with?

We’ve managed the campaigns of all sorts of businesses spread out over 35 different categories on Amazon with solid success. Our internal logic, strategies, and systems help us identify category-specific opportunities for product types we may not have worked before.  

Additionally, the size of your business when starting with us doesn’t matter. We’ve managed brand new accounts as well as 7 and 8 figure accounts.  

How much budget do I need?

Budget is really dependent on your business, competition of your market & your goals.

Can I pick my ACoS? 

Yes, you can definitely choose for us to strategize for an ACoS targeted campaign structure. That would mean we’ll optimize very tightly to avoid waste as much as possible. The downside here is you may miss some potential opportunities by casting too small of a net... but ultimately, profitability is the key.  

How long will it take to see results?

The real answer to this question is generally “always.” With that said, we aren’t magicians. Well, not technically. Seriously, though, we have clients who get huge value in just our initial review, some see increased profits and reduced ACoS in their first month. In other accounts, it’s a slower, more methodical build towards your goals.  

What’s most important is you have a strategy for your account with professionals working month in and month out to realize your goals.  

Do you Provide Keyword Research?

Yes, we have a proprietary keyword tool that dives deep into Amazon to see what the competition is doing. Coupled with our in-house team of Keyword experts, we will find and focus on the top earners and find the diamonds in the rough that everyone else missed.  

Can you work with an existing PPC campaign?  

Yes! In fact, the more history the better. We careful go through your history and look to maximize your current wins and minimize your current losses. Our tools generate keyword level stats that go well beyond what Amazon will show you. The result is generally a quick elimination of waste, lowering your ACoS, while allowing the high performing keywords to utilize more of your budget. This is just the beginning of what we do.  

I manage my own PPC and have pretty solid results. Why would I consider hiring you to manage my account?

Simply put, we will save you time and very likely increase your revenue. Our systems will manage your bids at more instances than you can do, and with greater insight into the competitive marketplace. We also continuously generate new and more efficient keywords which provides us the insight to expand your impressions and lower ACoS, leading to greater market share. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus of growing and expanding your business.