Our Team

As our name says…we Hustl.

We are a combination of entrepreneurs, marketing strategists, creatives, wordsmiths and number crunchers who have been living and breathing Amazon since 2014.  We’ve helped 1,000’s of entrepreneurs from all over the globe to grow their Amazon businesses.

Our internal ethos:  Purpose. Profit. Play

We believe in treating each other, our clients and the global community with intention and kindness.  We get better…hopefully every day.  We invest in our team members and community projects that light us up.

We are also just crazy enough to believe that entrepreneurs will be the ones to create some real change on this planet.  Whether you are setting an example personally by living consciously, or you are creating products that make people’s lives better, we know if we can help your business grow to the point that you are no longer restricted by time, it frees up your energy to serve more people.

Profit fuels growth. Growth allows us to better serve our clients.  Your business profits are always paramount in our decisions.

We are one of those crazy companies where the team actually likes each other.  Team happy hours, dinners, celebrations and team outings…we believe that business, just like life, should be fun.  

  • Keith O’Brien

    CEO of Markethustl & SellerPhoto

    More of a friend than a boss, Keith has spent years building up world-class processes and talent with a misfit staff of over-achievers. Keith is kind of like the Daddy Warbucks of the company –taking us all in under his wing and training us to be the best at our position. Constant traveler, seeker of knowledge, lover of a great cup of coffee, inspiring amatuer chef and friend to all, this guy never stops and he loves what he does.

  • Chris Cuccia

    Nobody Still Really Knows What He Does

    Maker of amazing coffee, in-house germ-a-phobe, and praised leader of our Marketing efforts, Chris claims he left New Jersey years ago to get away from the cold, but we’re 73.5% sure he’s really just a fugitive or spy. If you know of us from online, Chris is likely responsible for that. If you end up in Tahiti after a night of partying, Chris is ALSO likely responsible for that.

  • Jason Wigard

    Account Manager

    Winner of the best head of hair in the company, Jason works remotely out of L.A. and has embraced the California lifestyle. His biggest fears in life are failure and gluten. With over 3 years of experience helping Amazon sellers grow their businesses, Jason will feel like an extension of your own marketing team. Meanwhile, he tries to convince us that Almond Milk is actually good in coffee (Keith is already convinced, McClain thinks it’s sacreligious.)

  • Amanda Edelson

    Creative Director / Photographer

    Amanda fuels her love for traveling, Music (some which she makes herself), and free-diving with part time modeling gigs. However, where she really shines is behind the camera. With 8 years of professional product photography experience under her belt, she creates magic wherever the lens is. 28 years young and and a native of South Florida, Ms. Edelson is obsessed with gummy bears, wine, her dog Koa, and making your product images look stellar.

  • McClain Warren

    Content Writer with “Possible Undiagnosed” ADHD

    Since she couldn’t get paid to snowboard, McClain now spends her days behind a keyboard, magically weaving words for your Amazon listings that turn visitors into happy customers. Lover of country music, the Denver Broncos, and her adorable son, she one day hopes Ryan Reynolds will come to his senses and marry her. 

  • Angelica Hoyos

    Graphic Designer and Master of Sarcasm

    This free-spirited gypsy has a keen eye for beauty and a master for creating digital artwork. With probably the best laugh in the office, she’s a little nugget with a huge personality and it’s an unspoken belief she runs an underground Fight Club for single moms. Miss Thang is so talented with her artwork, jewelry line, and sense of style, she’s like a walking Pinterest board on steroids.

  • Victor Monasterio


    Victor is our gentle giant and seemingly the nicest person you’ve ever met, save for maybe Mandy Moore but she wasn’t available for hire. Victor is originally from Venezuela. He studied at the Art Institute in Philadelphia and is a second generation product photographer (that’s like quarenta anos, Vato). Outdoor enthusiast, this guy spends his free time mountain biking and making cameos on Sons of Anarchy.

  • Lacy Edney

    Account Manager

    Self-proclaimed nut-job, Lacy Edney spends her time pretending to be working hard when, in fact, she’s really just daydreaming about Italy and Coffee.  World traveler and entrepreneur at heart, she understands many facets of online marketing and e-commerce and knows the many challenges of building a business. She’s great to talk with, but totally not a pushover, so use caution if you ask her to do too much campaign research for you. She quit coffee recently, so….you’ve been warned.

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