• Storytelling: How Enhanced Brand Content Can Drive Sales Through Evoking Emotion


    Storytelling Through Enhanced Brand Content

    So, you have a product that’s your baby. Just like a real baby, you were there since the beginning and saw it through ’til it became a live, tangible thing and now it’s yours to cultivate and insure its success.


    It started as just one simple idea; maybe something you were joking around about with a friend over some beers. And that tiny, little seed didn’t seem all that silly the more you thought about it. It started to grow in your mind. You started thinking about the logistics of making it happen: how would it actually work? What materials would you use? Where would you have it made? Would you need to get a patent? Is this really something people would buy?

    With a lot of hard work and even more patience, these questions slowly were answered and before you knew it, you were setting up an Amazon account online and you were ready to show the world exactly what your baby could do.

    We at Markethustl understand exactly what your product means to you. We value the time and money you’ve invested and we want to see your product do as well as you do.

    This is why it is so important to utilize Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content.

    It's all in the delivery
    It’s all in the delivery

    You’ve probably heard the term EBC thrown around a lot lately, as this new feature is slowly starting to gain traction and has potential to  revolutionize the way people see and buy products on Amazon.

    So, what exactly does Enhanced Brand Content entail and how can you optimize your listing by taking advantage of this program? Here, we discuss the five main features that EBC offers its Brand Registered sellers. But for this particular article we’re going to focus on storytelling and what that does for your business.

    But before we get into EBC and Storytelling…

    How Important To Success Is Getting My Product On the First Page of Amazon?

    The short answer: VERY.

    The longer answer: You really need to get a firm grasp on how vital Amazon is to overall consumer sales and how potential buyers see and think when looking for a particular product. The average person isn’t going to sift through page after page of the similar products so you want to get as close to the first page as possible. 


    Amazon By The Numbers:

    Amazon Stats for 2017 Amazon Stats for 2017Amazon stats for 2017

    In other words, Amazon is one of the top e-commerce platforms available in the world and is a huge hub for both vendors/sellers and shoppers.

    The good news is this means you have millions of potential buyers at your disposal. The bad news is that you are up against thousands of other products, very similar to yours, with a lot of big-name brands. 

    This is why understanding how to optimize traffic to your page and converting that traffic to buyers is crucial to the success of your business. So, how do we do that?

    There are numerous ways to ensure you get more views, like optimizing your keyword search and having better pictures. But one of the more critical factors in guaranteeing an increase in sales is less talked about and that is storytelling.

    What Is Storytelling?

    How does this story convert to more sales for my product?

    We obviously all know what storytelling means, but we don’t know much in how it pertains to consumerism. 

    We’ve been telling stories since we were little kids. The way stories of faraway lands and Princes saving Princesses lured you into the fantasy is the same psychological concept people get sucked into buying products.

    I know, I know. You’re probably wondering how the heck a fantasy about a Princess has anything to do with you selling oven mitts, right? It’s a valid question with a complex answer.

    You Need To Relate To The Customer Through Emotions

    Humans innately respond with emotion when making decisions (but don’t tell them that because nobody would ever admit to it.) Yes, even with practical things that should have nothing to do with emotion.

    Why? Because purchasing items activates the pleasure and reward centers in our brains, creating an emotional connection to that thing. 

    Don’t believe me? There is an entire field of research called neuromarketing, which is when marketing companies “use medical technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli.” These centers of the brain that light up when a human has an emotional response toward an item is proof that humans may not consciously know why they are inclined to buy certain products over others –they just are.

    How Do You As A Seller Create An Emotional Connection To Your Product?

    Let’s say your product is a set of oven mitts. Obviously, there are two glaring hurdles with getting your product to the first page on Amazon.

    Firstly, you are competing against hundreds –if not thousands–of other people selling a very similar product than yours, making it difficult to stand out from your competition.
    Secondly, the average person doesn’t usually correlate oven mitts with an emotional response, so how do you create a story out of a kitchen item?

    Roger C. Schank, cognitive psychologist, educational reformer, and entrepreneur once said, “Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.”

    This is absolutely a crucial concept for you to understand in regards to marketing and sales. Even if your product is something that doesn’t seem to have any emotional value behind it, you need to find one. It’s there, you just need to dig deep.

    Can't you just smell the cookies?
    Can’t you just smell the cookies?

    For example, oven mitts make people think about baking and baking is often attributed to a person’s childhood. Perhaps grandma or mom used to bake cookies on special occasions or Thanksgiving was always a time for extended family to gather around the kitchen and cook and tell stories. These are stories that conjure up feelings of nostalgia and happiness. People respond to happy memories, so now you have a potential consumer attributing your oven mitts to their personal, happy memories. This connection is far more likely to initiate an impulse buy and the customer probably has no notion of why he or she decided on your particular pair of oven mitts. 

    That’s how storytelling boosts sales.

    What Does Storytelling Have to Do With Enhanced Brand Content?

    Prior to EBC, Amazon had strict rules on how many characters you could use in both the bullet points and description of your listing. Furthermore, it only allowed 7 photos.

    Enhanced Brand Content has replaced the description section, allowing for more pictures and a lot more characters for writing content. This is huge because it means there is more opportunity to tell a story about your product.

    The bullet points below your title are typically written to describe what your product is and why a person should buy it. But what if you had the opportunity to talk more in depth about how your product came to be?

    In other words, the new format now allows more space and characters to conjure up emotions through storytelling.

    Remember, on Amazon you are very limited on time and space to capture the attention of a potential buyer. It’s not like advertising on TV where the company has 1 minute to seduce its viewers through music, story, and visuals.

    Enhanced Brand Content Drives Sales Through Storytelling

    Now, with Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content, sellers and vendors have the opportunity to use more visuals and words to create an emotional connection to their product. Your story can now come alive –who you are, how you came up with your baby, and why consumers need and/or want this product. In doing so, you should be able to optimize traffic and sells exponentially, simply by creating invoking an emotional need to have your product.   

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