Listing Optimization

With every optimization, you’ll receive:

  • Keyword research to identify relevant search term

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis

  • Keyword Rich Title to Help you Rank for Carefully Researched Keywords

  • Five Bullets Points with High-Value Keywords and Powerful, Persuasive Copy to Ensure You Win the Sale

  • Optimized Product Description with Targeted High-Value Keywords and More Great Copy to Help You Increase Sales Conversion

  • Back-end Search Terms To Help You Rank for Relevant Keywords, Many That Your Competitors Haven’t Even Thought Of!

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

The entire Amazon platform is a buyer-based search engine.  They want to make sure customers who search for a product are shown relevant listings that convert consistently into purchases. Amazon provides many areas for sellers to add content including the listing Headline, Bullet Points, Description, Product Photos, Enhanced Brand Content and Back-end (seller central side) fields.

These areas all need to work harmoniously together in order to maximize your conversion of visitors into customers.

And that is exactly what Amazon wants you to do. They want the highest percentage of visitors they send to you to become customers…and to buy as many things from you (and other sellers) as possible. Optimizing your listing so it increases your conversion rate does two very important things.

  • It increases your sales/revenue. Assuming you receive the same amount of traffic, a higher conversion rate leads to more sales.
  • Increased sales lead to more traffic. Amazon literally rewards listings that convert better with more visitors. Getting this metric right can have a huge impact on your business.

What we quickly discovered with MarketHustl is all the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if your listing isn’t optimized. When designed correctly, all of our campaigns result in improved rank for a product, which means an increase in traffic to your listing. In order to capitalize on that traffic, the listing must be optimized.

We offer 3 different levels of Listing Optimization services to support sellers of different needs, goals and budgets.  The Basic can get you started whereas the Standard and Pro Levels do a much deeper dive into keyword and competitor analysis for serious sellers.

  • I’m a new seller and am setting up my first product. I did the listing myself but decided to get MarketHustl to do a Basic Optimization before launching my campaign. After I uploaded what they provided for me my BSR went from #455,310 to #92,966 in my main category and from #3,185 to #874 in my main subcategory. All of that movement was just from getting the listing properly optimized. I can’t wait for the campaign.

    – Jay, less that 1 year on Amazon, L.A.
  • My best product sells 40-50 units a day and makes great profit…but I am always working on my business to improve my results. I hired MarketHustl for a Standard Optimization and I am really happy with the work. It’s A+ quality.

    – Jon, Los Angelos
  • I’ve been a seller for 4 1/2 years and sell over a million dollars a year. Since I have gotten busier, I decided to outsource my listing optimization on a new product to MarketHustl. I’m so impressed with the depth and detail I received on the Pro Optimization. Their team found a keyword phrase that I should have been targeting, but wasn’t, which is an extra 60,000 searches a month. I’m blown away!

    – Adam, Singapore

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