• 5 Reasons Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content Could Improve Sales

    If you have been wondering if Enhanced Brand Content through Amazon’s new Brand Registry 2.0 is worth the extra time and money, the simple answer is, Yes.

    It’s most definitely worth it.

    In fact, we think Brand Registry will become the standard for serious sellers in 2018.

    Amazon’s New Brand Registry has become much more than just protection against fraudulent, third-party sellers. The 2.0 version has a few other advantages that many don’t know about, mostly around Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Knowing how to utilize EBC can really help drive additional product sales.

    If you want to review the requirements for Brand Registry, click HERE.

    Now, let’s dive into the new EBC functions and how the features can dramatically increase your sales.

    Enhanced Brand Content allows Trademark Brand Owners the ability to modify the description field of their ASINs.  It also gives brand sellers the option of enhancing their images, text placements, and describing the features of their product through a “brand story.” This feature can be used to answer customer inquiries by providing detailed information that both helps tilt the scales for unsure, potential buyers and reduces the likelihood of unsatisfied customers and returns.

    With Enhanced Brand Content, the seller has an increased ability to showcase their product, differentiate their brand from competitors through storytelling, and (most importantly) turn more clicks into conversions.

    EBC is for sellers who have been approved as brand owners after signing up for Amazon’s Brand Registry. To be clear, if you signed up for Amazon’s original version of the Brand Registry, the advantages of EBC will not be available to you until you’ve re-applied for Amazon’s 2.0 version that took place in March of 2017. Your Enhanced Brand Content will also need to be approved by Amazon before making it live.

    To sign up through the Brand Registration, it is currently free. We do anticipate that in the near future, this will change and a fee will be implemented. This is one of the reasons we encourage sellers to take advantage of this tool as soon as possible. Even if you need to outsource design or photography to create a stunning look for your brand, it is an investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.

    So, why aren’t more people utilizing this option? Perhaps it is because the general population’s understanding of the value of Enhanced Brand Content is minimized. Here, we will discuss five reasons the EBC feature could be invaluable to your business.


    You have very little time to convert a visitor on your listing to a customer. People are busy. You have only seconds to get them to scan your title and listing and decide to click on more. Once your page is opened, it’s your job to keep them engaged. Enhanced Brand Content can provide an amazing opportunity to further engage your audience.

    With Enhanced Brand Content, you get far more real estate for photographs in the detail section. This is invaluable to your business because, as the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and that is particularly true in sales. More images improve conversion rates. People are naturally visual and are far more likely to have an emotional connection/response to a pleasing picture than a written description.

    Furthermore, you can customize the overall layout, including where the product image is placed, which creates an “identity” for your page. Much like the layout of an actual store, how the pictures on your page are distributed will either entice a potential customer or repel one.

    Here’s an example of how the Enhanced Brand Content feature provides a clean and aesthetically-pleasing touch to the detail field of Campfy Hammock Straps:

    Obviously, this is far more satisfying to the eye than a simple, detailed description of their product. 

    This is arguably one of the best features that Amazon Branding 2.0 offers and sellers should really take advantage of.

    Normally, when a buyer searches Amazon products from his or her mobile device, the description of a product populates on the first page, showing only the first 200 characters of a product’s description. To learn more about it, the viewer would have to click on the product to open a new page with further details.

    With the EBC option from your mobile device, a potential buyer would be able to see everything from the title to the pictures to the description without having to click to a new page.

    No EBC on Mobile

    With EBC on Mobile

    Examples of Enhanced Brand Content


    Which product description above makes you want to click it?

    That’s what we think too.

    Even without case studies and stats, it doesn’t take a marketing degree from Wharton to understand the added value here.

    For you number crunchers though…here are some stats for you and a quick case study below.

    Why is this a big deal? For starters, it’s important to note that 79 percent of U.S. consumers shop via the internet and over fifty percent of those MarketHustl Statspeople do it from their mobile phone, as presented in the model below.

    Not only are we consumers that like to use our phones for shopping, we also are consumers driven by convenience. The less “searching” a person has to do, the better. This means that if a person can pull up ALL of the information they need to know in one click without having to do more homework, you have created an invaluable means of optimizing sales.

    We had a client share with us their results after we created Enhanced Brand Content for 4 of their related products.

    We created a custom banner that branded their company and actually included photographs of all 4 of the products…showcasing the entire “product family.”

    Then for each listing, the remaining of the images showcased that particular product with additional lifestyle and custom photos.




    Here are the results:


    Product % Change Sales % Change Units

    % Change
    Conversion Rate

    A -30.91% -25.53% -37.83%
    B 204.55% 215.79% 24.22%
    C 84.83% 252.94% 198.45%
    D 23.73% 38.30% -4.00%
    Average 70.55% 120.37% 45.21%


    While 1 of the 4 products actually saw a little drop in performance, the increases across the brand are very significant.

    We tracked this over a 60 day period – 30 days before and 30 days after adding EBC.  Can you imagine what these increases will mean in revenue over an entire year?

    One of the main concerns sellers have with the increase of photos is that their product won’t index as well due to the potential lack of keywords. This should not be a concern to brand owners. Not only will your product description still index as it did before, but the added images would only have a positive influence on sales.

    Piggybacking off the value of more visuals, Amazon will soon be offering a position in the photo queue for short videos. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. This is particularly exciting for products that require instructions on how to set-up or use the item being sold. 

    For example, if you are selling something that requires assembly or instruction on how to use, wouldn’t it be far easier to show how this is done? Not only does this give the potential buyer a better understanding of the product, but it frees up bullet points and description space that were once occupied by instructions. With video option, like the one below, this offers real estate that can be used to sell the product as opposed to explaining how it’s assembled or used.

    Examples of Enhanced Brand Content

    Another lesser-known (but just as valuable) aspect of Brand Registry is an early reviewer initiative. Reviews are huge dictators of how well your product sells, yet it is estimated that only about 1% of buyers will bother leaving a review.

    With Brand Registration 2.0, you can pay $60 to sign up for what Amazon calls the “Early Review Program.” This is a tool that randomly selects people who have already purchased your product and offers a $1-$3 credit to their account if they leave an authentic review of your item. While this doesn’t guarantee that every buyer will leave a positive one, it does give consumers a motive for reviewing and rating your product which can help drive sales.

    With increased competition by both National and International sellers, most savvy sellers do everything they can to protect their brands.  While you can protect your products 100% unless you are Brand Gated, there are many ways you can make it harder for people by creating more of a barrier to entry.

    Great custom packaging, product patents, massive review counts, and unique product designs are all ways smart sellers use to deter would-be competitors. This makes copy-cats think twice before trying to private label a competing product.

    Showing your competitors that you have taken the time and investment into developing your brand with great Enhanced Brand Content is one more deterrent for potential competition. Sellers looking to get in and make a quick buck will often look for easier products to compete with.

    Because Enhanced Brand Content was enabled just before the holidays, during a time when most brands see a spike in sales, the existing data can be difficult to analyze. That said, we believe there is strong evidence to suggest that EBC could increase conversion rates for retailers on Seller Central.

    We base this off Amazon’s “A+ Enhanced Marketing Content”. The functions and features are similar to EBC, such as more layout features and the ability to insert custom-made marketing material onto a listing page. According to Amazon, vendor pages that utilized this service see conversion rates rise by 3 to 10 percent, and we think it’s a safe bet that those numbers will translate over to EBC conversions rate percentages.


    In short, the new Amazon Brand Registration is more than just a tool to police counterfeiters and trademark violators. While this is obviously a pertinent advantage to signing up for the program, the new features on your personal page are worth noting when making the decision to sign up for it or not. As Amazon continues to finely tune the fluidity of which consumers and sellers can utilize the platform, I think Brand Registry soon won’t be just an option, but a necessity.

    If you want to learn more about our EBC packages for new and existing clients, fill out the simple form below and we’ll get back in touch with design options and pricing 

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