• How Amazon Coupons Help 3P Sellers and How To Create Your Own

    As a third-party seller on Amazon, there are a number of strategies to promote your product and help drive sales. Some of these actions require improving keywords, content, and photos. Others require discounted campaigns and Amazon PPC advertising. And now you have another option to drive more traffic to your page – Amazon Coupons for 3P Sellers.

    Until recently, only vendors had the option of offering coupons to potential buyers. Now, 3P sellers can enjoy similar promotional advantages that come with Amazon coupons.

    What Are Amazon Coupons?

    If you’ve recently searched for products on Amazon, you may have noticed on the search results page that some items have a bright orange coupon tag by their price and ratings. It looks something like this:

    Amazon Coupons

    If a customer sees this coupon, they can redeem it by clicking on the listing, then clicking on the coupon. 

    How Do Sellers Benefit From Utilizing The Amazon Coupons Service?

    Providing a discount for your product is a great way to intrigue potential buyers. Any incentive you can give a customer to pull the trigger helps drive sales on your product which, organically, can help move your product closer to the highly-coveted first page on Amazon. You’re already competing in that space, anyway. So by adding a sweet incentive to your listing, you’re moving potential buyers closer to closing the deal. 

    But that’s not the only reason you may want to offer Amazon coupons to customers.

    You may have noticed in the past that when you search for an item on the Marketplace, Amazon usually piggybacks off your search history with a follow-up email that suggests products. Now, instead of just making suggestions, Amazon is going a step further by sending you an email with coupons on items similar to the ones you searched. The email also includes great coupon deals for other products that may or may not be related. It looks something like this:

    Amazon Coupons

    This is a great feature for both customers and sellers. The customers get a good deal and sellers get more leverage because Amazon is promoting their product via in e-mails. This gives brands like yourself more exposure and (hopefully) more sales.

    At this point, we don’t have enough data to conclusively determine how Amazon decides which coupons they will highlight in a blast email. It may be keyword-based or sales-volume based or a combination of the two. They might also push coupons that are about to expire. What IS 100% clear is that if you aren’t using them at all, there is no way to qualify.

    As with any form of advertising, you won’t know what works until you try it. Give the promotion time to collect data so you can review results, then determine what is effective and what isn’t. With Amazon coupons, you won’t get dinged with a fee unless someone actually redeems it, so that gives you more wiggle room to try different amounts and types of coupons to see what generates the most sales.  

    How Do I Set Up Amazon Coupons For My Listing/s?

    1. On your Seller Central page, scroll down to COUPONS from the Advertising menu. Then click GET STARTED.

    2. Search for all the products you are currently selling that you want to be attributed to the coupon. You can apply up to 50 parent ASINS to the coupon.

    3. Choose whether you want to specify a dollar amount discount or a percentage discount. 

    4. Choose your budget. (Learn about how to figure out your budget here). 

    5. Specify how many times a customer can redeem the coupon. 

    Amazon coupons

    6. Pick a title for your coupon. This is what the customer will see on the orange badge. 

    7. Pick a date range. If you have a budget and that budget gets depleted before the end date of the specified date range, Amazon will contact you to see if you want to end the coupon campaign or add more to the budget. 

    8. You can pick a target audience to reach a specific demographic. However, by doing so, the coupon will not show up on a basic search. A person has to click on your listing to see that there is a coupon. 

    9. Review and submit. It takes about 48 hours for your coupon to show up. You can edit pricing and date range until the coupon has been published on your page. 

    Amazon Coupons

    Things To Remember

    – You cannot offer a coupon if you don’t have a 4- or 5-star rating established on Amazon.

    – Amazon charges you 60 cents for every coupon redeemed

    – Because your listing is seen simultaneously with the coupon, it’s difficult to tell if the buyer would have purchased your product regardless of the incentive. Thus, you need to really track how much your sessions increase while the coupon is running and how many of those sessions convert into sales. In other words, providing a coupon for a week probably won’t give you enough information to track its value. That week might have just been a good week, sans the coupon deal. You have to be willing to play around with the offers and the length of time they run to get a good read on whether they are worth continuing.

    – Much like any other campaign or promotion, there is no guarantee that utilizing the Amazon Coupons service will increase sales or ranking. The only real way to enjoy longevity and success is to have a better product than most competitors, a top-notch listing with great photos and content, and finding the sweet spot for keywords. 

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